Autonomous Materials Systems Lab

The Autonomous Materials Systems (AMS) Lab supports the AMS interdisciplinary research group comprised of chemists, engineers, and materials scientists at the Beckman Institute. The AMS Lab is a 2500 sq. ft. facility housing web labs, microencapsulation facilities, processing equipment, materials testing equipment, fluorescent and optical microscopy, and dedicated battery and electronics testing capabilities.

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Talbot Composites Manufacturing Lab

The Composites Manufacturing Lab houses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment for polymer matrix composites including autoclave processing, hot pressing, and vacuum assisted resin transfer molding. Rapid prototyping for model construction and mold making using fused deposition modeling equipment is  utilized.  Research in the labs is focused on the improvement of existing processing techniques and the development of new methods for manufacturing of polymer composites and smart materials.

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Beckman User Facilities

To assist research efforts, the Beckman Institute provides state-of-the-art resources for faculty, staff, and students, including the Biomedical Imaging Center, the Illinois Simulator Laboratory, and the Imaging Technology Group.

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MRL User Facilities

The MRL Central Research Facilities allow for the sharing of expensive and complex cutting-edge research instrumentation while providing for maintenance and continuous development by a dedicated professional staff. The presence of the facilities dramatically enhances intellectual interactions among users. Additionally, having expert scientists to work with users improves efficiency as well as the quality of the scientific results.

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